Quotation request for the delivery of a fixed asset in the form of smashing for hard cakes (1 pc)


Commercial and service Enterprise "MATEO" Stanislaw Cabaj, ul. Metallers 33,
39-200 Dębica invites you to submit an offer for delivery in the form of smashing for hard cakes (1 piece) under the project PN. "The increase in MATEO's competitiveness through the introduction of innovative food products" implemented under the regional Operational programme of Podkarpackie for the period 2014-2020, priority axis I. Competitive and Innovative economy, action: 1.4 SME Support, Submeasure: 1.4.1 Direct grants, application for funding of Project No: RPPK. 01.04.01-18-0636/16.


  1. Inquiry.
  2. Offer form – Appendix No. 1 to inquiry.
  3. Declaration of non-personal or capital ties between the Tenderer and the purchaser – Annex 2 to the request for quotation.