MATEO has received another distinction and quality mark within PLEBISCYTÓW: "Polish food producer" and "Meet Good Food"


The month of May 2018 year, brought Dębickiej company Mateo another distinction and mark of quality. The jury's recognition in a plebiscite "Polish food producer 2018" organized for the 22nd time by the IM Association. Eugeniusz Kwiatkowskiego received "Kartacze with Meat", which were awarded during the finals during the "International Food Fair POLAGRA Food-Poznań 2018". Quality mark for the products: "dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms", "Russian dumplings", "spinach dumplings" and "Kartacze with Meat" was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development under the "Meet Good Food" programme.

Participation in the plebiscite of Polish food producer 2018 was conducted in two stages-at provincial and then nationwide level. In each of these stages, the products were notified by different parties, which made the competition very large-"the award is another signal from independent experts that our products are characterized by high quality and taste, trafiającym in Many tastes. And it was not easy, because before our product was in the final of the plebiscite, he had to pass the provincial stage, where many products were reported from our region, "commented Stanisław Cabaj-owner of the company Mateo.

The Przygnany quality mark "Learn good food" also has been conditioned by a number of criteria as set out in the Act of 21 December 2000 of the year on the commercial quality of agri-food products. To obtain a mark, the product must be distinguished by its qualitative characteristics due to its raw material composition, microbiological and sensory characteristics, nutrient and functional content, the quantity of additional substances used and the methods of processing and Fixation-In addition must meet the health, sanitary, veterinary or phytosanitary requirements laid down in separate regulations-"in the case of the quality mark under the programme learn about good food, there was also a number of conditions to make this mark Receive. By creating our products, we adhere to the criteria set out in the law on the commercial quality of agri-food goods, hence believed strongly that this mark will be given to us by independent experts and succeeded, "adds Stanisław Cabaj, indicating At the same time, who has contributed to both successes of the company-"both a distinction and a quality mark, it peremptorily the merit of our employees, who put much effort into everyday work every day, which reflects on product quality and quantity Satisfied customers. "