Mateo was created in 1993. Working in the food trade industry we constantly increased our potential. In 1996 we launched our own production line of “pierogi”, potato “kluski”, ravioli and many more wchich we quick-freeze for distribution. We now specialize in frozen food trade.

Our dough products are made with special care for customers, according to the traditional recipes. From the beggining we secured the highest quality of our products wchich allowed us to succeed on national and foreing makret.

In our offer you’ll find a lot more than “pierogi”, “kluski” and ravioli. Frozen fruits, mushrooms, fries and pasta will help ypu make a delizious dinnner and dessert for the whole family. The most demanding customers should have a lokk at our premium products.

Stanislaw Cabaj

Our activities were appreciated - received awards

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