About us

We have...

…rich experience in the food industry
wchich we operate since 1993
and we are constantly pursuing
expectations of our customers.

We reach...

…with our products not only
to the Polish shops, but we are
also present in many European countries
and on other continents.

We produce...

…over 70 different types
of frozen products,
performed according to traditional
and a proven recipe.

We respect...

…the opinions of our customers,
which are invaluable to us,
they give us the direction of action
and allow for creating new trends.

More information about our company can be read here…

What distinguishes our products?


Our products are designed with the needs, expectations and customer feedback in mind – each recipe is closely reflected in the next production process, which guarantees a taste for each batch produced.


All of our products includes parameters that determine the highest quality standards. We respect the validity dates of each raw material, which is delivered directly to us from manufacturers…


Constant recipe, raw material suppliers and experienced staff are the elements that influence the unique taste of each product individually, highly appreciated by many palate of our customers – and it has been for more than 20 years…


The newest technology in the production process, the scale of the purchase of raw materials, but above all the expectations of our customers, affect the prices of our products – when we introducing a new product, we always start with this issue…

Our products

More of our products can be viewed here…

Cooperate with us

Step 1

Step 1

If you run a restaurant, a bar, a store/food wholesaler, or you are a distributor of the catering industry, then prepare your documents and >>

Step 2

Step 2

Take a look at our products: categories, types, composition, logistics requirements, application, and then >>

Step 3

Step 3

Contact us by phone, e-mail or in person – we will provide you with our terms of cooperation, which have already accepted a few thousand of our business partners.

Step 4

Step 4

Think, recalculate, verify our conditions, and as soon as we reach agreement, we can enter into a deal and start our business adventure >> do not delay…

Contact our sales department and get started with us – contact details here…

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